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However, we are living in an imperfect competitive market where we have imperfect information. The Financial Crisis The financial crisis in was a quick and unpredicted one.

Unless the CEO is actually taking actions to thrive the company to success, they should not receive a large salary.

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Executives only make profits if the share price is greater the strike price of the option. An Introduction to Executive Compensation. It was believed that lying off more than thirty-five thousand employees was done due to the irresponsibility of this CEO.

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He warned that if banks do not self-discipline, government will take appropriate actions. A number of examples are available for the public in which, the CEOs have taken away unimaginable amount of compensation, even in the midst of losses.

As mentioned in an article written by Gary Beckner and Richard Posner. For instance, one of the major examples of such businesses is the Varity Corporation that had once proved itself as one of the biggest profiting businesses in the Canadian history.

Yaverbaum, Thus, is now a fact that an excessive and unreasonable amount of money is being taken away by many people that are into high positions and levels in companies around the world.

Pollock, This practice seems to be impracticable and unfair, but this trend is an on going in the present era, and the pockets of CEOs are quite filled by the money that has not even earned by them. Other compensations to executives might include retirement plans, housing and car allowances, health insurances, children benefits, club benefits, etc.

However, we are not living in a perfectly competitive world. A number of surveys have taken place since the last decade that have provided evidences that CEOs confront two-hundred percent higher strain and pressure on themselves, as compared with their workers and employees at managerial positions, which has not been accepted by most of the employees, as well as, the business critics around the world.

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One of the reasons of huge losses in the business is that no check is put on the CEOs and the erroneous mistakes of these executives are not questioned by the company. Nevertheless, there is no quick fix. Social Contexts Essay Unless the CEO is actually taking actions to thrive the company to success, they should not receive a large salary.

However, when it is about the position of CEO, the money is not the concern of companies in almost every part of the world.

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In the result, the expulsion of these employees resulted in the benefits of the company, which saved millions of dollars on the salaries of the employees that were not required in the company.

This paper will try to discuss the factors related to the overpayment of CEOs, and will try to perceive if the CEOs deserve such kind of payment from the companies. In this way, a number of CEOs can be seen in the public who are performing their job effectively in midst of heavy pressures from the critics and competitors.

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As a result, the country as a whole may lose the competitive advantage because of brain drain.

Are ceos overpaid essays

You need to pay attention to the executive compensation packages that you approve. If the CEOs are being overpaid, and greater than their marginal product, this might due to the board losing control, which can then lead to further problems.

Chairman Barney Frank of the House Financial Services Committee in the United State said in“I do not think the boards of directors' work as effective independent checks.

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Topics: Chief executive officer, Financial Times, Chief executives Pages: 3 ( words) Published: August 16, “The answer to the question of whether American CEOs are overpaid is clearly "yes"; for those who earn large bonuses and generous stock options when their companies are doing badly, either absolutely or relative to competitors.

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Do CEO’s Earn Too Much Money? Type of paper: Essays Subject: Business, Career paper, Society & Family Words: It always remained a mystery why people are so eager to denounce somebody for being paid too much while doing nothing to improve their own living conditions.

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